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Listen to Dr. Bacote in an interview about Going on Vocation on the Harvest Show. The preview begins at about the 16:30 mark and Bacote’s interview at about the 18-minute mark and runs to about the 33-minute mark.

“This is exactly the resource I have been looking for. Beautifully filmed and written, it touches people right where they are. In a fallen world, our work consists of both labor and toil, and this video paints a way of seeing it that is both true to our experience and gives a fresh gospel reframe to our understanding. As my wife and I watched the video together we kept turning to each other with a look that said ‘this is our life ... and this is our hope.’ By the end of Part 1 we were already feeling refreshed and encouraged. I can’t wait to share this outstanding resource with our congregation.” — Rev. Dr. Langdon Palmer

Going on Vocation not only has a winsome title, but also beautiful filming and moving content. The viewer hears from scripture as well as theologians, poets, and novelists across the ages on the ways in which God calls His people to diverse vocations—in the home, community, workplace, nation, and the world. The film inspires us to view all of life redeemed, and to discern God’s voice in each of life’s seasons and many roles: as students, employees, employers, volunteers, parents, as well as in full-time ministry.

This comes alive beautifully in the lives of everyday people who share their stories of following God’s call. From baker to business owner, college professor to police officer, we see how people learned to listen to the Caller’s voice and then pursue their vocations to God’s glory and in service to others. Their stories are our stories; in them we concur with the blessing work is in our lives despite the toil that sometimes accompanies it in a fallen world. We also get a glimpse of Heaven—how work will ultimately be redeemed as we answer the call home and then join in joyful service and creativity that was meant in that first call in Genesis, to fruitfulness and stewardship.

The film is a delight. I plan to share it with students in my Career Counseling courses to aid them in reflecting on their own callings, as they prepare to assist others in finding meaningful work. Highly recommended.”—Ruth Baugher Palmer, PhD, Professor of Counseling Psychology, Eastern University, St. Davids, PA

“I had already begun teaching a course on the Theology of Work when I received a copy of Going on Vocation, so I hadn’t worked it into my curriculum. After watching a couple of episodes I found a spot to use them, and the class loves them. I love the way it uses real down to earth people as illustrations of the topics and hits us right where we live. I also appreciate the length of each session. Thank you for producing these. I will continue to use them whenever I’m teaching on this topic.”—Jim Hislop, Director, Center for Leadership Development, Western Seminary

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