Going on Vocation: Resources

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mag coverChristian History Magazine #110, Callings: Work and Vocation in the History of the Church is a full treatment of Christian thinking on the topic by eras of church history. Buy a copy, read a PDF flipbook online, or download a pdf.

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guide coverDownload leader guides for the two dvd disks.
Download leader guide to disk 1 (PDF)
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Related Video

video coverCalled: Vocation as an Expression of Faith. What am I going to do with my life? It is the profound and decisive question every young person must face. Noted author Frederick Buechner described this program as the point at which one’s “deep gladness meets the world’s great need.” In this film, a wide cross-section of teachers and leaders probe what it means not only to live one’s beliefs at work, but live them through their work.

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